BIG announcement on the blog tomorrow!!! Aaand the bachelor...


I am so excited to make not one, but two BIG announcements on the blog tomorrow!!!

But first--can we talk about The Bachelor?!

I know, I know--it is my major guilty pleasure. And if you think I didn't hesitate to admit to you all that I watch the show (and love every second of it), well pffft! But I don't want to talk about the bachelor (especially after how he handled that "little sitch" with Clare last night), I want to talk about the scenery! 

It's no secret that I am a little obsessed with Southeast Asia and all of its tropical inspired spaces and cultural infused structures, so I was equally as excited as the show's champagne-laden ladies to learn that Vietnam was the next stop on their--wait for it--journey to find love.

But then it got even better when the limo rolled up to the Intercontinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort, a gorgeous new resort that I posted about in October!:

Almost a year ago now(!), my husband and I took our own romantic trip to the region when we spent our honeymoon in Thailand, so when our friends announced last fall that they would be spending theirs in Vietnam, I just had to share their most sacred trip with the world, duh!

When I posted about their trip last fall, I figured their photos were as close as I would get to Vietnam, but then there was The Bachelor... If you didn't get the grand tour given by Juan Pablo last night, I recommend you watch the episode on just to see the sights.

In the meantime, here are a few more photos for you:

Check out these decorative doors in Vietnam's Marble Mountains through which Juan Pablo and "Nikki the Nurse" (good Lord) strolled after repelling into "Hell":

Ummm...HELL-o! (Sorry--couldn't resist).

And how cool are these bamboo basket boats?!

Aaand as demonstrated by Juan Pablo and Clare on last night's episode, it doesn't take much to get this boat a rockin'... Tip your waitresses, folks.

Moving right along, here are some other pics taken by our friends during their Vietnam honeymoon as they explored the local sights surrounding the Intercontinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort. Much like Juan Pablo and his sauced suitors, our friends participated in a local lantern festival, as well as enjoyed Vietnam's fresh and fragrant local foods:

I hope Juan Pablo redeems himself next week, but if not, at least we'll have New Zealand! ;)

Enjoy, and hope to see you back here tomorrow for the BIG announcements!



Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

You are such a tease!

sharon smith said...

Hahaha! Love the post! Did you know that the house they film the Bachelor in is down the street from me? It looks so different in person. Can't wait for the BIG announcement....

Emilie ShellAndChinoiserie said...


Emilie ShellAndChinoiserie said...

wink wink!

Nancy said...

looking forward to your big news reveal tomorrow :)

Emilie ShellAndChinoiserie said...

Thanks, Nancy! Me, too!!! :-)

Kimberly Lemmon said...

Well you've certainly piqued my curiousity. Can't wait to hear what all of this is about!!

Wendy C said...

Me neither!

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