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I have a beautiful interior for you today, but first, some big news!:

It has been about a year since we moved into our new house here in Charleston and I admit I haven't posted nearly as often as I had planned--thank you all for sticking with me and my little blog!

Between settling into our new house and starting a new job, the past year has been a busy one! I wish I could say things were finally going to calm down, but alas it is quite the opposite because...[drum roll please]...we are moving! Again!

Call me crazy, but I have been so homesick for Boston and New England in general, which is ironic since Charleston has been "home" since I was a little girl. Don't get me wrong--we have enjoyed so many things about being back in Charleston; it has provided the perfect opportunity to reconnect with friends, and spending time with my father has been the best! Not to mention we have been so spoiled by weekends at the beach house, and have fallen in love with our own beautiful home here...
(Man am I going to miss my built-ins!)

But alas, I have missed New England dreadfully, so after lots of long and hard thinking (understatement of the century), we have made the difficult decision to sell our house, to once again say "see you soon!" to friends and family, and go back. Except this time we are going past Boston and all the way up to Portland, Maine! I think it is safe to say I will get my snow fix up there...

Yeah--I'm laughing now...

Although we haven't spent much time in Portland proper, we were married just down the road in Kennebunkport and absolutely love the area. And you can't beat that it is only about an hour and a half north of Boston! We will be able to spend time with friends and family in Boston, as well as take advantage of all the big city has to offer, but hopefully without the high cost of living and congestion that comes with it! 

In honor of our move, I thought I would share one of my favorite Maine interiors, belonging to John Fondas and John Knott of Quadrille.

The following House Beautiful feature showcases the many ways in which the home epitomizes iconic New England style, from its gray shingle exterior to the nautical accents and nods to colonial America in the home's eclectic interior. The rich textures and patterns throughout the home--many of which are Quadrille--compliment each other and create a colorful interior that is vibrant, inviting, and one might even venture to say warm (perhaps a welcomed palette in Maine--even in a summer home!):

I cannot wait to share more beautiful Maine homes with you (anyone up for some Sister Parish?), including--of course--our new Maine soon as we find it!
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