friday finds so far and a big ballard designs sale!


Before we moved from Boston, we got rid. of. everything. and up until about a week ago, the only furniture my husband and I had to our name was an Ikea dining room table and chairs (which we bought off of Craigslist) and two dressers, all of which have been vacationing in our storage unit for the past six months. Little furniture made for an easier move, but now that we have a house to fill, it has certainly complicated the next step. I got some shoppin' to do, and I have started! 

Here are my finds so far:

If you follow me on Instagram, you are well aware (from all of my shameless gloating) that perhaps my best find from the past few weeks was this set of dining room chairs and a table that I found on Craiglist for $200!!!:

and boom goes the dynamite

When we picked them up (we were only able to fit one of the six chairs in the back of our CRV, but luckily the rest of the set fit in the back of the seller's truck), I asked a bit about their history. Unfortunately, all I could find out was that they were originally purchased in Miami. I will do some more research, but in the meantime, might any of you lovely readers have some additional insight?

I also bought a bamboo coffee table! And although it was not this one, it was certainly based on it:

$1,338.75 from Interior Home Scapes

I fell in love with this vintage bamboo beauty, too, which was about half the price of the table above, but still about twice the price we wanted to pay--you know, after buying a house...:

$650 from Feelin' Vintage

Not to get my mother-in-law's hopes up--but as fabulous as this last one was, I thought it was a bit too far from future kid friendly. However; since I didn't claim it for myself, you still can! Although I will be very jealous... 

But fear not--we found one! A beautiful one! For $220!

$220 from Tim and Kim Show on Etsy

The best part? Shipping was ridiculously reasonable because Tim and Kim used Greyhound's shipping service, which I didn't even know existed and could consequently be my best find of the week! Plus I got to go to the gorgeous Greyhound Station to pick it up:

Good times...

Anyway, another one of my new prized possessions is the blue and white umbrella stand that I have been wanting for so long...

Here is my umbrella stand inspiration:

$688 from Christie's

Aaand here is my new umbrella stand!:

$88 from

SO: now we have two dressers, two dining room tables with chairs, a coffee table and an umbrella stand! I mean, what else could we possibly need?!

But to be completely honest, I admit I've also bought a bunch of other stuff, although none of it was really a find, per se :-/ Who needs a new roof anyway? Oh wait, we do...

Enough about me, let's talk about you! Did you hear Ballard Designs is having a 20% off everything sale for their 30th Anniversary?! It's true! You have through February 24th! Aaand go...

Here are my favorites from Ballard Designs:

Goodbye for now and have a great weekend!


Vel Criste said...

Fabulous finds Emilie!!! Those Dining chairs and coffee table look amazing! I can't wait to see them in your new home dear!

sharon smith said...

OMG! Score! Those chairs are a find of a lifetime. Congratulations.....
I have a hard time buying mass merchandise ever since being introduced to Craigs List. Such great vintage finds. I am so happy to see your style and how it's going to all come together in your new estate! Happy shopping.

Kim Willson said...

Hi Emilie,
Thanks for the mention and we are so glad to be a part of your new home! Those Greyhound stations are so charming, aren't they! :- / Our drop off is at a Love's Truck Stop here in Florida. The drivers get a kick out of watching me struggle to unload some of our boxes! All in good fun and the prices are so reasonalble for our customers.
We look following your blog and seeing pics of the table and the rest of you home when you get it set up.
Kim ~ Tim and Kim Show

The Sea Salted Blonde said...

I cannot get over those chairs! What an incredible find! Love Ballard Designs, thank you for the sale alert! That Pom-Pom quilt is a must!!

Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

I like your umbrella stand better than the $$$ one. The dining chairs are a major score!

Kristen @ Pursuing Vintage said...

Awesome finds! Those chairs are great!

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

OH MY ...I love those did good!

Andrea said...

That bamboo coffee table!!! LOVE!!! You always find the best deals! :)

The Glam Pad

Natasha Stevens said...

Those chairs are amazing. The coffee table too. I laughed at your future kid friendly comment. We just got rid of our coffee table because our baby needed more crawl space. Alas, I had to hide our b & umbrella stand too because he kept crawling straight for it.

Natasha Stevens said...

I just picked up some block print style sheets at TJ Maxx in the same color way as the Ava sheets from Ballard. $30 Tahari

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