tortoise shell tuesday: studs


I love tortoise shell--it is sophisticated and sexy and gives even the simplest look (jeans and a white tee) style. I found these understated shell studs and think they're a fun way to wear it:

Leave it to Tory to give us the perfect little package of tortoise shell and gold--the expectation combination (but they also come in pink!). These are available for $68 at Nordstrom:

I found these tortoise monogram studs on Etsy for $34.99! I repeat, $34.99. Love me some Etsy.

And be still my heart--if I could describe the perfect tortoise shell studs (tortoise disk surrounded by gold beading), this pair would be it! They made a cameo on BaubleBar but seem to be no more. Please let me know if you come across them! Still gonna give BaubleBar a shout out...




PS--When possible, I seek out faux tortoise shell, because as much as I love fashion, I love tortoises more!

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