porcelain & peonies


There is nothing that compliments blue porcelain better than pink peonies; together the two make for a pretty pièce de résistance in a vignette, or simply the perfect centerpiece.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am currently on the tour de weddings 2013, which has brought me to my husband's beautiful childhood home in Nashville, Tennessee. My mother-in-law (ever the home goddess, gourmet chef, and gardener--no pressure!) grows the most beautiful peonies, so I was inspired to put together a post about one of my favorite flowers, featured in what else but blue porcelain!

The inspiration:

Jadrin de M.I.L.

Jardin de M.I.L.
The images:

This first image is a watercolor and gouache painting by artist Sofia Martha. It is as special as it is beautiful to me because Sofia painted it for this post! Thank you so much, Sofia! I am so honored! 

porcelain & peonies

porcelain & peonies

porcelain & peonies

porcelain & peonies
from the beautiful Black & Spiro Interior Design

porcelain & peonies

porcelain & peonies

porcelain & peonies
The Little Black Door blog

Photographer Sylvie Becquet for Designer Carolyne Roehm 
via Chinoiserie Chic blog




Sofia Martha said...

It was a pleasure!


Andrea said...

I adore pink peonies, and I agree they are stunning in blue and white porcelain. That painting by Sofia is exquisite! Unfortunately, it is much too hot here in Miami to grow peonies (it was a challenge even in Dallas) but my late Grandmother had the most beautiful peonies in her backyard in the Panhandle of Texas. So peonies always remind me of her. Lovely post!

The Glam Pad

pve design said...

Sofia Martha created a special piece for you~ I love it.
How lucky you are.

emilie said...

Such a nice connection to such a nice flower! Thank you for sharing, Andrea!

I can't grow them either, but not because of the heat, ha! But at least if we can't grow them, we can always buy them, right? ;)

Enjoy the heat down there!

emilie said...

I am very lucky! Hopefully lucky enough to have one of Sofia's beautiful paintings hanging on my wall sometime soon! You two are both so talented!

emilie said...


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