double happiness


My “day job” is in a middle school, and while proctoring study hall yesterday I may have become distracted ogling Ginger Jars online (hardly ever happens). Ever intuitive—and eager for attention—some of the students were quick to question my stealth behavior behind the computer screen. I figured showing them bunch of blue jars (gasp!) would shut them down pretty quickly, but much to my surprise, they began to translate the Chinese characters on the jars! Now, I’ve heard a lot of surprising things come from those little mouths, but “this one means ‘double happiness’ and this one means ‘love. And something about friendship?’” Mind. Blown. As soon as I gathered my thoughts, my first was that I could really take advantage of this talent (some new admins at shell & chinoiserie?), but in the meantime I’ll let them do their Mandarin homework, as it is clearly working quite well!

And a dose of Double Happiness for you:

ginger jar

ginger jar
by artist Sofia Martha

ginger jar

ginger jar

ginger jar

ginger jar
The Pink Pagoda (of course!)

ginger jar

double happiness jar

Follow this link to read the story of the Chinese character “Double Happiness.”




Sofia Martha said...

What a pleasant surprise, I'm really happy you like it:)


pve design said...

Beautiful. I never tire of ginger jars, blues and white! All of it adds up to doubling my happiness.

emilie said...

Mission accomplished! :)

emilie said...


liza said...

Such a fun post!! I love that they could translate the characters. And the jars are so pretty.

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