decorating with white: happy memorial day!


I am a huge proponent of using color in interior decor, but today I am going to welcome back white (and summer!) with some inspirational interiors.

Often the concern around decorating in all white is that the space will look stark and sterile and--God forbid--boring. But by adding some interesting textures and surfaces, white can be warm, welcoming, and just as bold as any other color.

Here are some ways to do it:

Translucent design elements like lucite ensure that white spaces are not boring, but instead have high impact and high style. This image of Philippe Starck's ghost chair proves the point:

white room
The bold texture of bamboo, found in chippendale chairs, can add dimension to a potentially flat, monotone palette. 

white room

Paint textured surfaces, like the wicker lamp shade shown below, to add some interest to an all white space:

white room
My House of Ideas Blogs

A little white paint can make a pile of bricks look like a pile of pillows:

white room
Recent Settlers on Flickr

Curtains can really soften a potentially stark all white space:

white room
My Favorite and My Best

white room
Labics Architecture on Europa Concorsi

The tassels on the shades in this bathroom add a little element of surprise to the all white palette, and I love the glimmering tile floor!:

white room

Often we see images of all white decor in the winter because white spaces can feel so warm. The vanilla glow given off by mother of pearl helps to create this feeling of warmth in white rooms that otherwise run the risk of feeling cold and sterile. And despite the season, mother of pearl is a nice nod to the beach!:

white room
Pinecone Camp blog

white room
Loppe Leah blog

The smart and sophisticated addition of fur (hopefully faux!) give this space a huge dose of texture and warmth:

white room
Villa von Krogh

Naturally occurring sources of white, such as flowers and shells, are an instant way to add texture and interest to an all white room:

white room
Ferreira Design on Decor Pad

Yes. Just yes:

white room

Metallics, mirrored-furniture, chandeliers, and other shiny surfaces help to highlight the existing light in white spaces and create a jewel box feel without the jewel tones!:

white room
House of Wentworth

Something as simple as the textiles (like linens) you use can help an all white room stay interesting and welcoming:

white room
101 Woonideeen

sweater pillow
Jones Design Company

I think the following white accessories have enough style and texture to make a statement in an all white room:

greek key mirror

pagoda mirror

sunburst mirror

stacked suitcases
A Beach Cottage on Houzz

trellis jar
Garnet Hill

clam bowl

Enjoy! And Happy Memorial Day!


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