wednesday wishlist: bamboo chairs


All of this running around, purging and packing in preparation for our move next month, is making me tired! I need to sit down and get re-motivated. I suppose it only makes sense that my train of thought would pull into seating station, so for today's wishlist item I am going to share these beautiful bamboo chairs, some of which I hope will make an appearance in our future home! 

Bamboo chairs are often thought of as dining room decor, although I have something else in mind for our dining room (stay tuned!), so I plan to proudly put them in our living room. As you will see, some look quite comfy with their plush cushions, while others may serve best as accent chairs. This is--as personal style should be--a matter of preference and practicality. Now, my wishlist isn't exactly short, and it certainly includes a few other chairs that might make for more practical primary seating in our living room (especially if there are children in our future!), but I need my bamboo! So I intend to use these beauties as accent chairs to frame a buffet table, chest, or simply a side table. That way I can always admire them from the comfort of my couch ;)

via Baers
Navy Chippendale with Ikat Upholstry!
by Katie Maennle

Which ones would you put on your wishlist?




liza said...

Definitely those first ones from 1st dibs. Those are my favorite! You've found lots of good ones here!!

Kimberly Lemmon said...

This is the first I've seen of the Clayton Gray chairs. They are tops on my list!

emilie said...

They are nickel! And did you see the side chair? Fun, huh? But you would definitely want a cushion on those! ;)

emilie said...

They are beautiful, aren't they? Very clean lines--and I love the caning...

Andrea said...

I am a HUGE fan of bamboo chairs! I recently missed out on an entire condo furnishings sale via CL, complete with vintage bamboo dining table and six bamboo chairs, bamboo sofa and two matching lounge chairs... all for $485. And that's just a highlight. I'm still sick about it.

The Glam Pad

emilie said...

Oh NO!!! Well, if anyone can find some more amazing deals on beautiful home decor, it is you, Andrea! And your home is going to be perfect CL bamboo set or not ;)

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