friday finds: saved by stencils!


Earlier this month, I told you that I am hoping to incorporate an Indian paisley pattern into my future home, whether through upholstery, accessories, or--ideally--wallpaper. In the post, I shared two paisley pattern stencils I had found on Etsy as a more affordable solution to achieving the look, which got me thinking: wallpaper can be so expensive! And although it is often worth the cost in living rooms and dining rooms where entertaining often occurs, stencils can be an affordable alternative to wallpaper in less formal rooms. And if you don't have the patience to put these stencils on your wall, you can use them to make a pretty backing in a bookshelf, dress up a dresser, or even make a fabric more fabulous! 

So for today's Friday Find I am featuring some more stylish stencils that start at just $18.95 on Etsy. Many (if not, all) of these stencils are reusable and therefor, unlike some of our favorite wallpaper patterns, won't be long as you don't lose them in the back of your craft closet. Another incentive to use stencils: sometimes Etsy vendors will work with you to personalize stencil sizes and even designs!

It is difficult to find Kelly Wearstler Imperial Trellis for less than $150 a yard, but these reusable stencils are less than $40!

$37 from OMG Stencils

Other trellis options:

$39.95 from Cutting Edge Stencil

$37.95 from Cutting Edge Stencil

Caning, rattan, and woven pattern stencils--perhaps for a sun room, guestroom, or eat-in kitchen?:

Greek key stencils for an accent wall, office, or media room?:

$39.95 from Cutting Edge Stencil

Ikat would be ideal in a library:

$37 from OMG Stencils

$59.95 from Olive Leaf Stencils

And of course, some pretty paisley stencils:

$18.95+ from Creative Stencils

$18.95 from Creative Stencils

Distinguish an entryway in a weekend with these medallion stencils:

These Chinoiserie stencils would be the perfect way to dress up a powder room or dining room:

$44.95 from Cutting Edge Stencils

$38 from OMG Stencil

Chevron, maybe for an office or a nursery?:

$32.95 from Cutting Edge Stencils




Andrea said...

These stencils are all so fabulous!!! I would never have the patience to pull it off, though... Maybe I can get our painters to do it for me?! :)

The Glam Pad

emilie said...

I say bribe some friends with wine and have a painting party!!!

Khammany @ Sweet Inspired Home said...

Hi Emilie! I really like the Olive Leaf Stencils in the bedroom and the bird stencils from OMG Stencil! Just found your blog today and became a new follower. If you get a moment, please visit my blog and follow if you like what you see! I look forward to seeing more of your ideas.
P.S. I love the name of your blog!

emilie said...

Welcome, Khammany! So glad you are here! :)

I just visited your beautiful new blog and love it--your DIYs really showcase your creativity and talent! I am super excited to follow along and learn from/be inspired by you as we look for and decorate our own home! Yay!

Khammany @ Sweet Inspired Home said...

Hi Emilie, thanks so much for visiting me and following my blog! I am so excited to be a part of your blogging circle :)

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