keeping it cool and classy


As we begin another heat wave here in Boston, I am feeling like I just want to crawl into a cool, dark cave and spend the week lying face down, embracing the dirt. I know--not a pretty image, but boy have I found a few beautiful ones for you today! These bold blue rooms keep it cool and classy ;)

I think dark blue walls look their best when glossy and complimented with bright colors such as pink, orange, lavender, chartreuse, and lighter blues. Add accents of dark wood, gold, and animal print for a fun, but sophisticated room:


Andrea said...

I love dark blue walls! They look so rich and dramatic!!

The Glam Pad

liza said...

They all do look cool on a hot day, don't they?! I especially like the first, 3rd, 6th and second-to-last ones. I really like the art work against the blue wall in the 1st and 6th ones!

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