holiday gift guide!


OK, people--T minus one week, and if you are anything like me, you are just starting your Christmas shopping. SO, instead of sharing my wishlist with you today, I am giving you a gift guide (aaand perhaps all of the these gifts are on my wishlist, anyway...):





Sharon @ Novara Way said...

I'd like any one of those! I'm putting you on my blog your posts!

Emilie ShellAndChinoiserie said...

Thank you so much, Sharon! I am so flattered!!! 8-D

Vel Criste said...

I would love to get any of these stuff especially the ornaments! Merry Christ mas Emilie!

Emilie ShellAndChinoiserie said...

Me toooooo!!! Merry Christmas to you and yours, Vel! :)

Nancy said...

love all your picks. i'll take one of each. pretty please :) I, too, added you to my blog roll.


Nancy said...

Hi Emilie,

I couldn't find your email address so sorry for two comments today. You don't have to publish this one :) One of your picks on your Christmas list today reminded me of this post I did recently.... Anyway thought you might be interested. :)



Emilie ShellAndChinoiserie said...

I'll tell Santa! And THANK YOU! Wow! :-)

Emilie ShellAndChinoiserie said...

Oh my gosh--please excuse my severe technical limitations--I attempted to follow Linda's (Calling it Home) advice and clearly failed miserably, but I am working on it! ;) In the meantime, my e-mail is! Headed over to check out your post now! And hopefully others will see this and do the same (every cloud has a silver lining, right?!)!

Kimberly Lemmon said...

That little gold zebra dish from Jonathan Adler would be at the top of my list! Love it!!

Emilie ShellAndChinoiserie said...

Agreed! I was extremely happy to be able to take the little zebra dish off my list following my birthday! ;-)

dee and missy said...

Love your picks! Your blog is adorable- we are your latest followers! Great style. Happy Holidays! xd&m

Emilie ShellAndChinoiserie said...

Yay! Welcome! So glad you are here and very Happy Holidays, to you, too!

Andrea said...

I'll take one of each please! I have a set of the Ikea flamingo glasses... they are FABULOUS!!

The Glam Pad

Emilie ShellAndChinoiserie said...

I know you do and I am jealous! Drink some egg nog from them for me!

Wendy C said...

Beautifully curated collection. All totally adorable x

Emilie ShellAndChinoiserie said...

Thank you so much, Wendy!!! Happy Holidays to you! :)

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