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Sweetgrass baskets have been a beloved form of local art in the Lowcountry for over 300 years. When slaves arrived from West Africa, they brought with them their craft of basket weaving. These baskets became quite useful on plantations to collect and store crops. Since then, the art of weaving these beautiful baskets has been passed down from generation to generation and today sweetgrass baskets are a coveted commodity among locals and tourists alike.

Here are some pretty ways to display baskets as art in your home:

basket decor
Better Homes and Gardens

basket decor
Taryn Leibowitz and Tammie McLachlan
via Interiors Digital

basket decor
Focal Point Styling blog

basket decor
House & Garden

basket decor
Eclectic Charleston

basket decor
Villa Rossese at Montaluce 2008 Showhouse
by Des-syn

basket decor
Jute Design

basket decor
via West Elm

Learn more about the history of sweetgrass baskets here and purchase your own at The Market in downtown Charleston or just north of downtown along the Sweetgrass Corridor in Mt. Pleasant. 




Khammany @ Sweet Inspired Home said...

So many different ways to display these! I love the ones in the bedroom in the first photo and the ones in the Villa Rossese dining room. They're a wonderful accent!

emilie at shell & chinoiserie said...
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emilie at shell & chinoiserie said...

Those two seem similar to the traditional sweetgrass baskets--or "fanners"--of the Lowcountry (especially the ones in the bedroom) and are my favorites, too! The fanners in the image from Eclectic Charleston are true sweetgrass baskets. They make for such a beautiful and different way to decorate!

Summer Hogan said...

Hi Emilie! Thanks so much for reaching out on my IG feed today! I have been perusing your blog and I swear we are kindred spirits. Charleston is my favorite place in the world and I will be moving day :) I am loving all your coastal posts and style. Maybe we'll run into one another sometime as we are down there from Charlotte often. Husk/The Bar at Husk is our fave restaurant ever! Nice to "meet" you and I am signing up for your posts :)

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