monday bedroom makeover: headboard and new art!


My childhood bedroom makeover is coming along slowly but surely! The project I took on this past week was updating my headboard. Although I like the existing iron headboard and want to preserve it for future use, it just doesn't jive with the look I am trying to achieve right now. Here is the headboard before:

I concocted the idea to construct a new headboard out of plywood and poly foam and then suspend it from the existing headboard. I would finish the project by upholstering it with pretty fabric to add some soft style to the bedroom...and comfort to the bed! So off I went to Lowe's:

So many choices! I went with the 1/4" pine plywood, as I didn't want the existing headboard to have to support too much weight:

Then I had it cut to size...:

 ...and voilá! We have a headboard in the making!:

Then on to a craft store to purchase the poly foam to attach to the plywood. I chose 1" thick foam:

When I got home, I did some measuring and then drilled holes along the top of the plywood where I intended to hang it from the existing headboard. Clearly Eloise the pug is used to mom drilling things...:


 Then I measured and cut the foam to match:

Like a glove (pronounced à la Ace Ventura...or for you Duck Dynasty fans, à la John Luke...):

And then I tied the foam to the board with wire, leaving extra wire to use for tying the new headboard to the the existing one:

And here is me hanging the new headboard on the existing one!:

I also bought some cheap fabric from the craft store with which I could practice sewing the cover for the headboard. Luckily the sewing went relatively well, but the cheap fabric is pretty horrid, so I am going to hold off on the final headboard reveal until I have some pretty fabric to put on it!

I have searched and searched local fabric stores for stylish, affordable fabric (as I do not intend to splurge on a headboard makeover), but much to my dismay, I did not find the perfect fabric in time for this post. The following fabrics were close, but not quite close enough (as I do not intend to settle on a headboard makeover!):

I thought long and hard about the fabric on the bottom of this next photo (and I admit I'm still thinking a little bit about it):

If I can't find the perfect fabric locally, I plan to buy one of these two beauties from Etsy. Which one do you like better?

I also have another small update regarding my bedroom makeover: 

I absolutely fell in love with the Great Blue Herons in this room designed by Meg Lonergan from LeSueur Interiors:

Considering there are many more pelicans and herons than people on our little island, I was inspired to find some pretty prints of my own, so I turned to Etsy where I found the following from artist Chase Mullen. They are beautiful and affordable:

I also found some inexpensive frames for them from AC Moore:

I think they turned out well and will easily help me achieve a similar look to the inspirational room above:

Stay tuned to find out about the fabric for the headboard...and the rest of the room renovation! ;)

But in the meantime...




Khammany @ Sweet Inspired Home said...

Looking good! The birds look great in those frames. Can't wait to see the finished headboard!

emilie at shell & chinoiserie said...

Thanks, Khammany! I can't wait, either! ;)

Coulda shoulda woulda said...

I like the green apple fabric because I think you will be able to work around it and it will be a easier more flexible platform - but i look forward to seeing the end result!

emilie at shell & chinoiserie said...

Thank you--such good advice! I love the green apple and certainly look forward to keeping you posted!

Brandi said...

That's great that you built your own headboard. I built a similar one using an old TV box! You have a lot of great fabric options in mind. I love the one on the bottom best. Good luck finishing up your room.

emilie at shell & chinoiserie said...

I love it! I should have thought of the TV box, ha, ha! Still struggling to find the perfect fabric--there are so many good choices! To be continued...

Andrea said...

I'm super impressed with your DIY headboard... There is no way I could ever pull off furniture making! And I just love your prints! Yes, so similar indeed!

The Glam Pad

Ral @ARTbyRT Seascapes and Island Life said...

love those birds!

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