monday bedroom makeover: lighting!


Just a couple of quick updates on my bedroom makeover!

This week I have been looking for new lighting, in particular a lantern and a pair of sconces, as I plan to tackle the table lamps later...

As you can see, the current lantern in the entryway to my bedroom is...dated, to put it kindly:

 And the potential replacements:

And if you recall, I love me some basket lamps, like this one!:

And I am also in desperate need of a pair of new sconces!:

Womp, womp... But luckily I have found some fun options!:

I also removed the outdated, ornate finials from my curtain rods to clean up the look a bit:

And I am still trying to decide on fabric for the headboard! Since last Monday' makeover post, I found the following fabric at a local shop. Although I absolutely love it, I haven't committed because it is much brighter than the soft style that I originally set out to find. But I shouldn't be afraid of color, right?!

Look how well it would go with my bird prints!:

Perhaps I just convinced myself--we'll see, as this is the other fabulous fabric I am considering:

So many choices! To be continued...




Coulda shoulda woulda said...

The good thing about a headboard is that you can easily change it! But choosing is hard.

Wendy C said...

well I endorse the blue & really like the way it highlights colours in your prints and seems clean & fresh.
However it is your bedroom & its your sensibilities you have to please.
Good luck

Andrea said...

I love all of your options, your bedroom is going to look fantastic! And that blue fabric is gorgeous!!

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