wednesday wishlist: built in bookcases


There is nothing I love more than a wall of books. Books always add character and warmth to a room and can offer a reflection of your family. Not too mention books are easy to acquire and much so fun to style! Check out House Beautiful's tips on how to dress up your books and look on for more beautiful bookcase inspiration:

set design by Beth Rubino


And, of course, some fun decorating books to fill the bookcases:

Books Make a Home
Damian Thompson
find it here

Decorating with Books
Maire Proeller Hueston
find it here

The Big Book of Chic
Miles Redd
find it here

Living on the Coast
Barclay Butera
find it here

Island Life
India Hicks and David Flint Wood
find it here




Khammany @ Sweet Inspired Home said...

Hubby and I both love built in book shelves. That was one of the selling points for the house we're in now. He just couldn't stop talking about the built in bookshelves! I agree, books are lovely items to decorate with.

emilie said...

My childhood home might as well have been a library with all of the built-ins and books my parents had, so it wouldn't feel like home without them! And I think I value them even more these days as they are disappearing!

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