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As I mentioned in my last post, my husband and I were in California last week and we ended our trip with a much-needed night of rest and relaxation in Sonoma. Of course, Sonoma is known for its world class wineries and their beautiful vineyards in which they grown those coveted little grapes. I loved Sonoma, likely because I love wine! Often I feel a glass or two or three helps to spark my...creativity? But it was not the wine or the grapes, but instead a different fruit which inspired me during our stint in Sonoma. 

As we wined and dined on the patio at the girl & the fig restaurant for the first of our two sunny afternoons in Sonoma, my gaze landed on an unfamiliar tree. I admired the thick canopy of fat leaves and wondered about the fruit growing among them. Clearly the name of the restaurant never occurred to me as I happily sipped, gazed, and pondered...but then it came to me! The leaves were the same as the ones in Peter Dunham's Fig Leaf print! Now, you know you like interior design when you start to identify flora and fauna according to famous fabrics. And as we explored Sonoma and the surrounding vineyards, I began to notice fig trees and fruits everywhere, including fresh figs at the farmer's market and the glorious green glow of a fig tree right outside our hotel room:

figs at the farmers' market!

fig leaves from afar

Figs are a beautiful fruit, but the leaves among which they grow give them a run for their money. Designer Peter Dunham certainly recognized their allure, as did his fans when his Fig Leaf print was propelled to fame only a few years ago. 

As you will see below, the simple and sophisticated earthy print translates effortlessly to different design aesthetics, ranging from feminine to tropical to city chic, but really fits perfectly in Dunham's signature boho eclectic interiors. Dunham's design was supposedly inspired by curtains and a sofa he saw in Salvador Dali's home. I think featuring its organic feel and flexibility is the perfect way to welcome Fall:

East Hampton Cottage 
by Tom Scheerer

Peter Dunham Showhouse

Peter Dunham

House Beautiful

Canyon Home 
by Peter Dunham

Peter Dunham's Living Room 
in House Beautiful February 2012

Peter Dunham 
in House Beautiful

Designer Janet Simon

Interior Designer Ruthie Sommers' home
in House Beautiful

Peter Dunham's home 
in Canadian House and Home

Peter Dunham's Home

Peter Dunham and Elle Decor

House Beautiful

And some fig for your own home via Etsy!:
$95 from sparkmodern on Etsy

$70 from sparkmodern on Etsy

$26 from flat flower designs on Etsy

$20 from MudHut Pottery on Etsy
A fig leaf headband find!
$32 from TheFaerieMarket on Etsy




Khammany @ Sweet Inspired Home said...

Hi Emilie! We went to A Girl and a Fig when we went to Sonoma three years ago! I loved it, never realized there were fig trees in the courtyard though! Shows how observant I am! Thanks for taking a trip to Burgundy wine country with me, yes you definitely need to go there! You'll love it! I love the fig leaf print by flat flower designs!

emilie said...

I blame it on their delicious food and wine! Regardless, I am sure you got your fill of fig leaves today! ;)

Andrea said...

An excellent roundup of Fig Leaf! I love this pattern!! Ahhh.... a trip to Sonoma for some R&R sounds absolutely heavenly right now. I'm glad you had a wonderful time!!

The Glam Pad

emilie said...

Well you certainly deserve a little R&R trip somewhere! Perhaps to White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia? ;)

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