thursday at page's thieves market


Just a quick post for this Thursday! Today I returned to one of my local hunting haunts, Page's Thieves Market in Mt. Pleasant. I have found many a fabulous and affordable piece of furniture at Page's over the years, including a huge shabby chic dresser and a cedar trunk which I used as a coffee table through college. Here's what I found upon my long awaited return today:

Pretty porch at Page's Thieves Market:

One day I want to try to turn a ship's wheel--such as the following one--into a wine rack:

Some oversized planters and jars:

Interesting piece with some Chinoiserie detail. If styled right, this find would be a fun addition to an office or bathroom:

Set of...creamers? $5 each!:

Some small silver shells to dress up a table setting? 

Charming jars:

A bamboo placemat could be repurposed in sooo many ways!



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Andrea said...

What a charming store! I hope to visit someday!

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