let the house hunt begin!


You are probably wondering where I have been; well buckle your seat belts, because we have been busy hunting for homes!

My husband went and found himself a new job, so in hopes of eliminating the fifteen minute golf cart ride and the thirty minute ferry ride from our commute--which, by the way, is getting cold--we have officially started searching for our future home! As you may remember from my first wishlist post in June (which seems like so long ago now), we like the local Tidewater style of architecture...and luckily we have found a few for sale!

The Tidewater homes we have hunted to-date:

We toured this lovely Lowcountry home the other day. The interior is impeccable, as the current owner (an interior decorator!) has made many upgrades. With its front porch, black shutters and red door, the exterior isn't bad either, although we would add lots of landscaping...but if you follow me on Pinterest, you already know that ;) Word on the street is that the roof is original and will eventually need to be replaced...I know, I know, but if it were replaced with a red tin roof, such as the one on this house or this house, I suppose it wouldn't be all that bad, right?

Next up on the list are these two:

Both are equally as beautiful on the outside (I love the landscaping of the latter), but need a bit more cosmetic work on the inside. Of course, I consider dated interiors to be a desirable feature because they will require us to put our own, personal touches on the home and really make it ours. We will be touring these last two soon, so stay tuned!




Linda {Calling it Home} said...

How exciting. That first home with a tin roof would be stunning. Good luck.

emilie at shell & chinoiserie said...

Thank you, Linda! Decorating the exterior is a little less intimidating than decorating the interior--especially since we got rid of so much before our move!--but thanks to the latest ORC, I have lots of amazing inspiration! ;-)

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