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In case Monday's post didn't make it clear, I am obsessed with John Robshaw--well, with John Robshaw Textiles. But as beautiful as his line of Eastern-inspired prints is, his pieces can be a bit pricey (king quilts get up to $425!), and therefore--dare I say--impractical for parents of both human and fur babies alike (I identify with the latter and can confidently say it'll be a while before our poor little pug makes it back onto the bed with our new headboard upholstered in John Robshaw...).

So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered a line of linens with a similar look and comparable quality, but lower prices! Launched in 2012, Kalyana Textiles is a new company offering a collection of handmade textiles that combines traditional Indian printing methods and motifs with modern style...and manageable pricing! Equally as exciting, Kalyana textiles are 100% cotton and--wait for it--machine washable! 

A fellow John Robshaw fan, company owner Aparna Glynn has traveled to India frequently throughout her life and grew up in a home adorned with Eastern accents. Kalyana--or “lovely” in Sanskrit--linens emit the vibrant, earthen feel which characterizes Indian home furnishings. 

Aparna's time living by the beach has also influenced her style; the collection's coastal color palette of blue and white lends a clean and crisp look to its small-scale motifs, sweeping florals, and lively geometric patterns. So Kalyana's cozy block print quilts will remind you of the beach while they keep you warm in the winter! My favorites are the Ellora and the Naya, both of which happen to be reversible:

Kalyana Textiles

Kalyana Textiles

I have also added the Mansi cushion to the top of my Christmas list, which--might I add--is quite long! I love how the simple and serene print stands out, but in a subtle way:

Kalyana Textiles

Kalyana Textiles

Kalyana Textiles

In addition to the cushions and quilts, the collection also includes colorful table top linens and tea towels:

Kalyana Textiles

If you are a blue and white enthusiast like me, but are looking to add some warmer colors to your home for the cooler months, consider Kalyana's Pink Ikat Kantha Quilt or the Flower Garden Kantha Quilt:

Kalyana Textiles

Kalyana Textiles

All Kalyana products are handmade by a group of independent artisans, designers, and crafters made up of multiple generations of families in Sanganer, India. The group practices block-making, dyeing, printing and stitching to perfect their beautiful product.

I am in love with these linens, but perhaps my favorite part about Kalyana Textiles is the company's aim to develop a sustainable source of income for these families and to ensure that the cultural heritage of hand block printing continues to flourish. Now that is the spirit of the season!

Kalyana's online shop launched only weeks ago--just in time for some holiday shopping! In the meantime, be sure to like Kalyana on Facebook, and follow Kalyana on Pinterest.




Michelle Woeller said...

These blue & white textiles are beautiful! I'm going to head on over to their online store right now...Thanks for sharing! Elle

emilie at shell & chinoiserie said...

I could use a few of these quilts tonight, although I am willing to bet it is a lot colder up there!

Andrea said...

What a find, Emilie!! I want one of each, please! :)

emilie at shell & chinoiserie said...

I will tell Santa!!!

Natasha Stevens said...

What a find! Here's my go to for discount John Robshaw..

Emilie ShellAndChinoiserie said...

Ooooh! Thank you, Natasha!

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