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Summer is almost here! For some of us, it has already arrived--the high has hit 90 for going on two weeks straight in South Carolina. I am so grateful that we are by the beach and those coastal breezes!

But for those of you who still have a bit more of spring to go before summer, or for those of you who are simply stuck in a landlocked sauna, one of the quickest and easiest ways to achieve a classic coastal vibe in your home is with some ticking stripe!:

Originally used to encase mattresses and pillows (and the down feathers that filled them), the durable cotton fabric has since become a staple in classic home decor. Furthermore, it's simplicity and traditional blue and white color scheme fit well by the beach. 

Here are some seaside inspired examples of how to incorporate ticking stripe in your own home, whether it is by the beach or not!:

India Hicks

source unknown


Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

Love stripes...that first image I adore!

Stacey {steward of design} said...

My favorite fabric!

Natasha Stevens said...

When my brother was 5, he referred to ticking stripe as " the fabric that mom invented" because she used it so much.

Andrea said...

I always love your round ups, Emilie, and this one is no exception! I adore this fabric! And did you notice the navy sofa in the Michael Penney pic? ;)

The Glam Pad

Kristy Wicks said...

Love this and it's soooo true... ticking stripe always takes me to that coastal feel and wishing for the seaside. Thanks for the reminder!

Brandi said...

Beautiful examples! I've always loved this fabric.

pve design said...

Terrific ticking! I once remember touring a historic home and the ticking stripe was used on the mattresses. I love how ticking conjures up Summertime love.
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Nice to meet you via your lovely blog.
pve - Patricia
pve design

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