cozy nights by the delft tile surrounds


It's been a crazy summer, to say the least! We moved to Maine in June and are still very-much trying to get settled--the house hunt has been harder than we hoped, but I am trying to enjoy the journey...and living in Kennebunkport while we look! But now that September has arrived and life (and the real estate market) is slowing down in this little summer town, I plan to get back to blogging with the hopes that it will bring me a sense of productivity and progress. 

As much as I have missed blogging, I have missed the fall more and I have some serious making up to do this year! I pretty much plan to spend the bulk of my time frolicking in the nearest orchard, baking and eating waaay too many apple pies, and drowning house hunting problems in mulled cider...which I plan to sip by a roaring fire, of course.

As in our last house hunt (a year and a half ago, HA!), a fireplace is at the top of my must-have list--especially now that we live in the North Pole--I mean Maine. I admit I am a sucker for almost any fireplace, but I especially love fireplaces that feature delft tile surrounds. These pretty little Asian-inspired Dutch tiles can have a large impact on a space, whether one is trying to add a nautical touch, or some unexpected interest to traditional interior.

Anthony Baratta is kind of the king of delft tile surrounds, and another of my favorite designers/Maine summer residents, Libby Cameron, likes them, too! More recently, Colleen Bashaw's design of Hampton's hotel Baron's Cove incorporated a delft tile surround; the traditional nautical decor of the hotel--including the surround--has gained much praise...and gives even the oldest, most exclusive yacht club in the Northeast a run for its money!

The following interiors showcase how different designers have used these tiles in their gorgeous work to make these fireplaces and rooms really pop:

Anthony Baratta and William Diamond

So bring on the fall! I am ready for those cozy nights by the fire...and the delft tile surrounds.
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