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While I was in Seattle last week, I came across the most amazing peonies at Pike Place, and back here in Boston the hydrangeas are in full bloom. These two flowers are my absolute favorites, so of course I snapped some photos of both. It is a rainy morning up here in Boston, so I am going to share some of my flower photos in hopes of brightening up the day:















With less than two months to go before our big move from Boston to Charleston, I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed. In an effort to survive the packing process, the goodbyes, and the move itself (of almost 1,000 miles!), I am trying to focus on the positive aspects of our move, like finally finding a house...and making it our home.

Although we won't really shift our focus to the house hunt for at least a few more months, I have more than completed the decorating in my mind! So: I am starting a new "Wednesday Wishlist" series here at shell & chinoiserie to share my decorating ideas! I anticipate it will be more fun (for all of us!) to watch the wishlist turn into the reality, but for now we will have to settle for some pretty pictures...

I thought it only appropriate to begin the wishlist series by profiling the type of home we are hoping to find:

Luckily we love the classic Lowcountry style home, also referred to as a Tidewater home, originally designed to keep dwellers cool before the days of central ac! Its characteristics have become beloved by the Lowcountry and typically include a bit of a boxy, beach bungalow shape surrounded by a wraparound porch to help shade the interior of the home. Big windows are intended to capture coastal breezes and are framed by bold shutters (sometimes even beautiful Bahama Shutters!) to provide protection from storms. Lowcountry homes often sit on stilts in order to prevent potential flooding from storm surges. Because the first floor of the home tends to be a good bit above the ground (sometimes by as much as 17 ft., such as my parents' home!), these homes often feature a grand staircase leading up to the inviting front porch.

My husband, Brian, and I on the staircase of my parents' Lowcountry home, where we will soon be setting-up shop until we find our own Lowcountry home (notice the shutters were closed for a storm)!:

photo by Marni Rothschild

Here is the style of home on my wishlist!:

I love the interesting layout of this home with the detached master suite and/or guest cottage. And that beautiful exposed chimney along the exterior of the home states that the home has a fireplace, which is number one on my must-have list (I am sorry, but even in that Southern heat, Santa still needs a chimney to come down!). 

Wow. You can't beat the porch and windows on this one! 

I LOVE the red tin roof on this one! And the black shutters really make the porch pop. I also love those Bahama Shutters off the screened-in side porch.

Another red roof 
found via Le Sueur Interiors

Look at those columns! I don't think I would ever leave either of those porches...unless, of course, I were sitting in front of the fireplace... ;)

The Ashley Cottage
via Amerisips Homes

More than just a pretty face: this one is energy efficient, too!

Dogtrot Home
via Southern Living

I love the rambling architecture and the colors of this "Dogtrot" style home...


photograph by Michael Moss

Just yes. Yes, yes, yes...

A Lowcountry home by

Classic elegance.

Precious. I love everything about this little home...not to mention it is totally ready for Santa! 

A Lowcountry home by

Charming and tropical!

This last two are very typical of the look of newer builds in the Lowcountry.

OK--I think you get the point ;) I wonder how close we will come to finding a home like the ones on my wishlist. I can't wait to find out, but in the meantime, I look forward to your company (and help!) along the way!



monkey business


It's Monday and it's back to business...but not as usual! Hoping these little guys make your day more fun:

Herend Three Monkeys
Herend Three Monkeys
$1,570 from London Jewelers

monkey wine stoppers
"Hear No, See No, Speak No Evil" Monkey Wine Stoppers
Set of Three
$38.38 from Red Vanilla
monkey wine glass
Yurana Designs Hand Blown Wine Glass
$35 from Amazon

monkey cocktail ring
Elphaba's Monkey Cocktail Ring
$296 Emitations

monkey cocktail napkin
Simian Embroidered Cocktail Napkin
by Sharyn Blond Linens
$38 from Taigan

monkey guest towel
Simian Embroidered Linen Guest Towel
by Sharyn Blond Linens
$72 from Taigan

monkey swizzle stick
Monkey and Palm Swizzle Stick
$277 from Patrick Mavros

monkey tray

Gold Monkey Cocktail Tray 
by J Fleet Designs
$115 from Belle and June

monkey place card
Monkey Place Cards
$15 from Kneen & Co

monkey bottle opener
Cast Iron Monkey Bottle Opener
$13.56 from Tiny Things Are Cute

monkey swizzle sticks
Monkey Swizzle Sticks
$10.99 from Ebay

monkey tassel
Monkey Tassel
$24.73 from Amazon

monkey salt & pepper shakers
Monkey Salt & Pepper Shakers
$18 from Deb's Country Vintage on Etsy
monkey salt & pepper shakers
Juliska Monkey Salt & Pepper Shakers
$60 from Amazon

monkey stamp
Monkey Stamps
$5 from NoraJane on Etsy

monkey garden stool
Monkey Garden Stool
$99.99 from The Hosley Store



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