one room challenge linking event week six: nursery reveal!


I'm still pregnant! Which means I'm still posting! 

I am so excited to finally share the room reveal for our baby girl's nursery, which I have been working on over the past six weeks as a guest participant in Calling It Home's One Room Challenge

I cannot wait to put my (very swollen) feet up and pour over all of the other beautiful transformations from both the featured designers and my fellow guest participants...but first imma share mine so I can finally relax! Here we go!

In order to achieve a fun and fresh feel, I planned a more contemporary space than what I typically gravitate toward. I wanted it to be feminine, but with clean lines and lots of color. Below is the design board I created to keep me inspired and on track:

You can catch up on my plans and progress leading up to today's big reveal by following the links below:

And now (*drum roll*), here is week six!:

Now that the nursery is ready, bring on the baby! I promise to post photos of Baby H in her nursery soon!

In the meantime,

one room challenge linking event week five: it's all in the details!


Welcome back! Here we are in week five (whaaaaaat) of Calling It Home's One Room Challenge linking event, which means we only have one week left until the big room reveals! It also means I am very, very--did I mention very?--pregnant.

This spring's ORC has kept me busy working on a nursery for our little girl, who is due any day now! Hopefully she, too, will hold off (at least) one more week to see her room...and to give me time to tour all of the amazing transformations by the featured designers and my fellow guest participants--so. much. talent.

As for my own room transformation, you can catch up my progress over the past five weeks below:

So by now you have seen the bigger design elements in the nursery: the paint, furniture, rug, window treatments, lighting and a special clothing display...

And today I'm going to show you the little details that I'm hoping will pull the design together and help to polish off the final look!

Many of these details were gifts we received from our registry, which we created using BabyList. BabyList allowed us to register for items from all sorts of different stores, from big box to boutiques, and we were very hashtagblessed to have such generous family members (shout out to Nana!) and friends!

So here we go--short and sweet compared to last week (thank God!):

I bought these two Babar posters from eBay and I think I am going to spray paint the black frame below yellow so it blends better in the softer space:



(As you can see, elephants and giraffes are kind of my's hoping our daughter inherits this affinity for safari animals.)

And last but not least, I am also planning to include some of my own baby clothes, books, and blankets in the nursery. I can't wait to finally show you everything next week!

Until then,
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